Mission Statement

We believe that every great work deserves recognition, and companies should be recognized for their commitment to excellence in any aspect of the business and praised for their contribution to the society. The reasons why we created Professional Service Awards – to celebrate achievements of Asian companies, allow potential clients to navigate easily through the market and select a suitable service provider, raise awareness about the importance of performance excellence in driving the Asian economy, and promote sustainable, ethical and socially responsible business practices.

The Awards brings together professional consultants from 6 business sectors, allowing them to set a benchmark in 7 categories. The criteria and categories were developed in accordance with the international excellence frameworks, and address all internal and external requirements of a company, including how processes are managed with stakeholders, customers, employees, and partners. With such a scope, the PSA ensure that achievements in all aspects are acknowledged.

Supported by local and global media outlets, respected professionals, and business leaders from around the world, the Award brings vast opportunities to all participants and industry. We strongly believe that by encouraging public appreciation for excellence in any aspect of business through the Professional Services Awards, we facilitate the advancement of the professional services in the region, bring new opportunities to industry professionals, and help to build a better society.


The Professional Services Awards provides a platform for professional consultants operating in Asia, or for the Asia market, or for a regional and or global market that included one of the Asian countries. Open to organizations of any size providing services in the following sectors: Accounting & Finance Consulting; Advertising & Design Consulting; Information Technology Consulting; Legal Consulting; Management Consulting and Public Relations Consulting.

Categories & Criteria

The categories were tailored to assess company against the most important features of organizational performance based on the international excellence frameworks. To explore the full range of the accomplishments, seven categories are divided in a wide range of subcategories. With such a scope, the PSA provides a comprehensive look at the most exceptional examples of progressive practices across Asia.

In each category, the criteria are a set of performance-oriented requirements and the scoring guidelines spell out the dimensions (approach, deployment and results) used to assess performance.


The Professional Services Awards is judged by independent industry experts, who pay tribute to outstanding achievement resulting in professional, commercial, environmental and social benefits within Asia’s professional consultancy industry.

Organisations that demonstrate measurable achievements in core aspects of their business will be recognised and celebrated via tailored set of award categories and sub-categories. We believe in equal opportunities and pride our entry allocation system, which takes internal and external factors into consideration. Winners in each category and sub-category will be selected in each group of small, medium and large enterprise.

Stages of Achievement

There are two stages of achievement in the Professional Services Awards as a result of the judging process:

National Competition

Taking place from 1 July 2016, all entry forms will be assessed by the PSA panel resulting in successful entries being awarded winner status. The three top-scoring entries in each sub-category will receive the Gold, Silver and Bronze awards in their respective countries.

International Competition

The international title “Best of Asia” is given at the discretion of the International Judging Panel to the handful of companies, which demonstrated outstanding performance in several aspects of their business. The award cannot be applied directly, and that makes it one of the most sought after accolades in Asia.

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