To participate in the Professional Services Awards, entrant must provide a compelling description of achievements over the past 12 months, which are relevant to the chosen category. Initiatives or strategies developed and implemented prior to this period are eligible with the proven impact measured during the past year. Each entry submission should have:


Background information about the entrant should provide a compelling business and life story – details of the journey that led to the business, individual or initiative to success. This information helps the judges to understand the entrant and adjust the assessment approach to its operating context.


A written submission is limited to 1000 words that address the category’s criteria.

Summary – Summary Statement is limited to 250 words, and shall provide brief information on the entrant and the entry. It shall exclude any confidential information as it may be used for PR purposes.

Supporting Materials

Materials shall be provided to support stamens listed in the main entry document. All entry materials are to be submitted digitally. You can upload up to 10 files in JPG/JPEG or PDF format; each file must be less than 2MB.

Showcase your achievements and promote your business.