The finalists and winners will be decided in several rounds by a distinguished panel of judges comprised of senior professionals from various related backgrounds.

Based on objective and transparent criteria, all entries will be rated on a scale from 1-100. A shortlist in each category is then passed on to our panel of judges for a final score and evaluation. Shortlisted entries will be selected based on their submission and notified.

The entry shall provide objective, quantifiable responses to comprehensively address the criteria requirements. Judges will use a three-dimensional scoring system to evaluate entries:


The approaches adopted to drive performance shall be described in a clear way demonstrating the rationale and context for the initiative, targeted business benefits/aims that were set and tools that were utilized to achieve them. The approach shall be appropriate and effective for the requirements, systematic, integrated, consistently applied, reviewed and refined.


Demonstration of how the approach was deployed. Ideally, numerical evidence should be provided and proof that the deployment has been systematic. Judges will award higher scores to the entries were deployment was appropriate, systematic, effective, and consistent.


Summary of the achievements should be accompanied by reference to the achieved benefits, supported by financial or market position data. Evidence of success will include metrics, anecdotes, customer feedback, and cases studies. This includes qualitative and quantitative results, as well as comparative data and competitive analysis. The indicators should go beyond current levels to include relevant indicators of future success.


To achieve higher score, the entry should demonstrate the following qualities:

Brief: Written submission should be well written, concise, and straight to the point.

Fact-based: All facts listed in the entry should be verifiable; the achievement should be substantiated by facts and figures.      Measurable results are very important in your submission and will be given a higher weighting in assessments. If independent auditing has been undertaken, these results should be included.

Supported: Testimonials, photographs, graphs, charts, tables, and other illustrative methods to demonstrate and substantiate your claims should be enclosed.

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