04 Jul Scott Eddy

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Scott Eddy

Global Brand Ambassador at Zipkick

Mr. Scott Eddy is no-stop business man – an entrepreneur, public speaker, and digital nomad.

He is one of the biggest Social Media Influencers in Asia. With almost 600k Twitter Followers, he is the #2 most followed foreigner in Thailand and #34 most followed overall. In his own words, he follows his “passions and entrepreneurial instinct to different opportunities” trying not to limit himself along the way. Some of the things he does includes:

He aims to be the link between entrepreneurs and the rest of the world. Through many of his 16 years of globetrotting, and always seeking out new relationships, he has developed a comprehensive list of resources that could help any kind of entrepreneur launch their dream company, from getting a lawyer to going IPO, launching your mobile app or getting investors.

His professional business experience began in the investment banking sector as an investment banker and also sales trainer at a large investment banking firm. After gaining valuable experience over his 10 year tenure at the firm, Mr. Eddy recognized that working overseas in developing countries would present many more opportunities. He began his travels as he started his own venture capital firm in London and Spain, and more recently had a venture capital company and digital agency in Thailand.