06 Aug Arif Khalil

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Arif Khalil

Research & Development Director at Helping Hand

Arif Khalil is Research & Development Director at Helping Hand for Relief & Development, a non-profit organisation based in Islamabad, Pakistan.

He was previously serving as Country Manager and Regional Director at LIFE for Relief & Development, where he was managing LIFE humanitarian operations in the South Asian region alongside managing its orphan support program in Afghanistan.

Arif Khalil is a trained lawyer, who holds Bachelor of Law and Shariah, International, Islamic, and Pakistani Laws from International Islamic University and Master’s Degree from Islamia University. His undertook MA courses in International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law from Raul Wallenberg Institute of Human Rights & Humanitarian Law, as well as the Centre for East and Southeast Asian Studies, University of Lund, and holds Advanced Diploma in Project Management for NGOs and Social Movements from Globalverkstan, Sweden.

His work has been appraised by the Government of Pakistan and Ministry of Youth Affairs in 2008, when he was awarded the title “Volunteer of the Year”. His was one of the contributors to the Annual Report on the “Status of Labour Rights in Pakistan”.